About Global Coders

Global Coders exists to connect students to real world customers in the developing world. It helps to scope out the projects proposed by our partners and then links these proposals as student projects within education.

It is an innovative approach that simultaneously provides benefit to the students, the educational institutions, and the end user customers of the product.

Students gain valuable real world experience working on a live customer brief, possibly interacting with the customer over time and shaping development. The experience will not only be useful for learning but also provide excellent content for CV and interview discussions later on. This combines with the knowledge that their project, if successful, will be used for a socially beneficial purpose.

Institutions are able to provide their students with a more realistic development experience at the same time as strengthening their social activities.

Customers get the benefit of free software development to solve a real problem that are experiencing along with access through the Global Coders program to experts that will help them understand, define, and scope the solution to their problem.

For more information on how it works see the process information.