For Students

Real clients | Real briefs | Real impact

Global Coders exists to connect students to customers in the developing world with a real need for a software system.

You complete the project and gain the academic credit but at the same time working for an actual customer and hopefully doing some good along the way. You should get a “fuller” project experience working on a real project and get experience in working with an actual customer to deliver on requirements. In turn this will look great on the CV and give you something to stand out when talking about at interview.

Please note that projects are managed and disseminated through an educator (academic, lecturer, teacher, professor, etc) at institutions that are taking part only – I’m afraid we can’t link projects directly to individual students.

If you are at an institution taking part speak to someone on the staff about finding a project for you! We’d love to have you join the Global Coders family.

If you’re not at an institution taking part in Global Coders then fear not, you can (and of course should) introduce this idea to staff and convince them to join but there are a lot of other really brilliant social coding enterprises and programmes out there you can join as an individual. You may be able to find a project there you could propose for academic credit depending on your institution.

If anything is unclear or you have any remaining questions please feel free to contact us to discuss.