For Customers

We loosely define “customers” as anyone who has a need for a software development project which will primarily benefit the developing world. Our intention is to be inclusive rather than exclusive wherever possible and so a customer could be…

  • NGOs working in some aspect of international development
  • Government bodies either of a developing nation or sponsoring projects within developing nations
  • Individuals with an idea of a problem that could be solved in the development context
  • … and just about anyone else!

If you know of a problem that could be addressed then we see you as a potential “customer”!

We’ll work with you to help scope out how a technical solution could help to address the problem and hopefully link you up with student(s) who will be eager to use their skills to implement a solution. There will be no charge at any point – Global Coders will handle the overall management for free and the student work will be for academic credit only.

It’s possible there may be some technical costs, for example if the solution requires a specific licence or infrastructure to run. Identifying and quantifying these will be part of the initial scoping process.

Please note that for now our focus is software systems for the developing world. There are a number of excellent social coding and engineering initiatives with a broader focus so if you have a need that doesn’t meet our focus then hopefully they can help.

Projects follow our process from inception to delivery.

If you have an idea for a project, no matter how vague or unclear it is, please go ahead and get in touch with us, and let’s have a discussion about it.