For Educators

As educators we spend a lot of time trying to come up with student projects. We often strive for these to be as realistic as possible and may even reach out to local business to try and bring in real projects.

The premise of Global Coders is that there is a large demand in the developing world for software projects which have the potential for significant impact and at the same time there are highly skilled students doing projects we struggle to generate for them. This idea is to connect the two.

Following our process we connect with partner organisations or individuals who have a need in the developing world  and help scope this out both in terms of the problem it’s addressing (the domain) and the technical requirements. This will include discussions on what type of platform(s) would best be suited and some input from experts on how solutions may be achieved along with expected levels of difficulty.

As an educator taking part in Global Coders you can select from available projects and offer them to your students. You would maintain your normal academic supervisory and support role, the work produced would need to meet the institutional standards and of course be marked, but the output would be provided to the end customer as well.

Depending on the customer situation contact between supervisors and/or the students on the project with the customer may be possible via Skype or email during the planning and development lifecycle.

If you’re interested in exploring this further and possibly getting involved on an individual, class, school, or institutional basis then get in touch and let’s talk!