Project Briefing – QUB MSc Summer 2019

This is the general briefing notes for Summer 2019 Global Coders Projects. Some of this will be generic and apply to all GC projects, other aspects may be specific to this particular project set. Information may be subject to change and although we will endeavour to notify you of changes you should check to be sure.

Project Briefing for QUB MSc Summer 2019 Projects

First Project Set

This is the first set of GC projects released and as such it will be a learning process for all involved. Having to work to tight timeframes to get the projects specified and released means that partner organisations may not yet be fully briefed or committed but all projects do meet an identified need.


Part of Global Coders activities is to raise awareness of the transformative power technology can have in the developing world. To accomplish this goal we may be seeking to engage with the media through university communication teams. This work will include mentioning individual projects and hopefully offering student developers the option of taking part in comms and marketing events. Though the support of student developers will be very much appreciated it is not a requirement of the projects (unless specifically stated otherwise on the project brief).

We would encourage all student developers to engage with such opportunities however as it will help them gain more visibility in terms of potential employers.

Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise specified for a given project all IP relating to the work carried out for/under Global Coders will belong to Global Coders. Global Coders will intend to, where the project meets acceptance criteria, either:

  • Release the project under an open source licence (usually the GNU GPL or GNU Affero)
  • Transfer ownership and IP to a nominated development partner

No commercial use of the IP will normally be made by Global Coders unless specified on the original project spec (or agreed with all relevant partners including the student developer).